Lit By Nature Soy Candle

Lit By Nature Soy Candle

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Lit by Nature is our gift to you and an absolute must have for every candle loving space. This hand-poured Soy candle, with a crackling wooden wick, is 100 % natural, fragrance and chemical free. Scented with Essential oils it offers aromatic plant medicine for your healing, relaxing and reconnecting needs. We added White Sage and Palo Santo pieces to smudge the air while they burn and raise the vibrations.

In the bottom of every jar is a surprise crystal.

White candles have been used for many different reasons, all over the world, for thousands of years. White represents unity and all the colors of the rainbow. Burning white candles is said to help destroy and remove negative energy. Praying with them is very powerful for cleansing, purification, healing, blessings, protect, purity, chastity, truth, sincerity, peace, spirituality, enlightenment, prophecy, clairvoyance, clarity, rest, wholeness and joy, just to name a few!

Reconnect with your higher self and add this to any spiritual ritual and get Lit by Nature. Gratitude to the most High.