Cacao Mint Butter Bar Cleanser

Cacao Mint Butter Bar Cleanser

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This bar was so much fun to make and it looks and smells good enough to eat, just like chocolate mint ice cream to be exact. All of our butter bars provide the healing and hydrating benefits of shea butter. We have added raw cacao, to offer high levels of antioxidants and aid in the repair and protection of the skin. Complemented by Japanese peppermint and it's long list of medicinal offerings. From germ and pain killing to increasing circulation, peppermint is known for its powerful assistance in herbal and aromatherapy practices. The cooling sensation stimulates the blood flow to increase repairing and reducing inflammation. In a hot steamy shower, peppermint oil becomes airborne, and may help decrease swelling in the respiratory system once absorbed. Personally as an asthmatic this really caught my attention and has become a helpful tip during times of discomfort. Please enjoy the happy healing benefits of this amazing creation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♡ 


Safe for the entire family!

Please be mindful of allergies.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs and consult a doctor.

Product may cause staining 

Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

Ingredients: Love, Shea Butter Soap Base, Raw Cacao, Essential Oils