Lit By Nature Space Clearing Candle

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Lit by Nature is an absolute must have for every candle loving space. This hand-poured Soy candle, with a crackling wooden wick, is 100 % natural and chemical free. Scented with Essential oils, Lit by Nature offers aromatherapy benefits for your healing, relaxing and reconnecting needs. We have added a variety of smudging leaves, flower petals, wood and bark on top to cleanse while they burn and raise the vibrations in your space. 

In every jar there is a surprise crystal.

White candles have been used for many different reasons, all over the world, for thousands of years. White represents unity and all the colors of the rainbow. Burning white candles is said to help destroy and remove negative energy. Praying and meditating with them is very powerful for cleansing, healing, spiritual protection, clarity, peace, and so much more !


For best burning result the first burn of this candle should be long enough to melt wax all the way to the edges of the jar. Keep wick trimmed short and free of debris. If candle will not stay light it is advised to keep lighting it long enough to melt wax to all edges of the jar and this will reset the melting pattern.

Please note:

The Scents; Roses & Cream and Lemon Tea, have fragrance oils added in them. While we do our best to use 100% Essential oils in our candle recipes, on occasion we like to try something new!