Basic Glow Face Kit

Basic Glow Face Kit

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This is an ultra hydrating and nourishing facial dream team. Anyone with dry or sensitive skin types should try to avoid drying and deep cleansing products. We want to cleanse our skin without over stripping or damaging it any further. In dryer countries and climates it is so important to hydrate both inside and out to prevent early aging and unnecessary skin damage. In the winter we all tend to have slightly dehydrated skin and must take extra care, especially if you are melanated or genetically from a warm tropical atmosphere. Drinking plenty water and eating fruits daily is the best way to start healing your skin from the root. If you are suffering from Rosacea, chronic redness or Acne, try and avoid oily, acidic foods, dairy and alcohol whenever possible.

This kit includes: 

1 x  Baby Face Cold Cream Cleanser 

1 x  Bloom to Blossom Face Toner 

1 x  Beautiful Face Nourishing Butter